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Delaware Tree Services proudly serves residential and commercial needs for tree trimming, tree removal, or even if you got an eyesore of a stump in your backyard, that’s what we are here for. We offer instant quotes and will tackle any job you may have for us! As our fleet continues to grow to meet the demand of our customers, we are proud to offer our services for all of Delaware county and surrounding areas including Marion, Morrow county, and about anywhere in Mid-Ohio. No job is too small and our friendly staff won’t bite so just shoot us a call if you need our help or just want to chat (don’t mind the chainsaw noise in the background!). Don’t let another weekend go by where you ignore the shrubs, bushes, trees, or any other green nuisance on your “to-do” list. Pass the buck to us and we’ll knock it off your list in no time so you can get back to things you actually want to spend your weekend time on. Our premier services and professional team come with decades of experience and will ensure a top notch job!

Why Delaware Tree Services?

  • Decades of local experience
  • Serving a 2 hour radius of Columbus, OH
  • Capable fleet 
  • Professional team
  • Multiple services offered
  • We get it done right the first time!


When you pick and hire Delaware Tree Services, you can save tons of time that would have been spent procrastinating, because who enjoys trimming trees and removing stumps? (Besides us, of course! It’s what we do best.) If you can put up with a little bit of background noise like chainsaws and other tree removal tools, then we can give you the best quality job in Delaware and the areas surrounding it! Why bother handling all of this busy work when you could just hire us, and spend your newly acquired free time doing something that you would actually ENJOY doing? And with the professional tools that we have, we could probably remove a stump better than someone with some free time, and a lawn that needs cared to. No more splinters, no more getting annoyed with trees that need trimming or bushes that have been ignored for longer than it should have. Delaware Tree Services is the go-to service for tree trimming, stump removal, and other lawn care.


What Do We Offer?

  • Tree Trimming/Removal
  • Bush Cutting/Removal
  • Shrub Cutting/Removal
  • An excellent team of professionals with plenty of on the job experience
  • The best prices and services for tree removal in Delaware, Marion, Morrow, and surrounding areas

 Our process is designed to keep things as simple as possible for you. Take a few quick seconds and fill out our instant quote form. One of our friendly professionals will immediately get in contact with you so you can give us the low down on what dirty job you need us to handle for you. We’ll do a quick huddle in our office and come up with a game plan to handle it as quickly as possible. Our schedule stays busy with the customers we service in Delaware, Sunbury, and surrounding counties for  tree trimming and removal, but we know sometimes things come up last minute and need to be handled now! Our team will have no issue saving the day if the countdown is on to complete a job. 

What Our customers say

They took care of my problem trees in no time at all. Professional and fair pricing. Would use again 100%

Jennifer - Delaware, OH

We had our trees removed quickly and as promised. Fast service and more affordable than the other local companies.

Jason - Marion, OH